Shi Zhanpai Performance Marketing: How to 8,000 yuan a sofa, sold for 58,000 yuan

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The first one kind of method Sell: Buy the product itself use value, can only sell 8,000 yuan / sets If you set him only when ordinary sofa, in a normal shop, with normal sales methods, perhaps it can only sell up to 8000 dollars, it may have some of the neighborhood shop proprietress price to 7800 yuan strokes off the dark trick, this is of no value innovation tragic ending. The first two kinds of laws Sell: Buy cultural value of the product, you can sell 11,000 yuan / sets If you design it into this year's most popular styles of sofa, you can sell 11,000 yuan. Next door shop proprietress price strokes off the dark strokes estimated so do not, because your sofa culture, and this culture directed at consumers are willing to pay, which is the cultural value innovative products. A third method Buy: Buy products, brand value, you can sell 15,000 yuan / sets If you attach it to the well-known brand labels, it can sell 15,000 yuan / sets. Shop next door 7800 yuan / sets scream loud again useless, because your sofa is branded product, almost everyone is willing to pay for the brand, which is the brand value of the product innovation. The fourth method Sell: Buy the product portfolio value, sell 20,000 yuan / sets no problem If you make a sofa "urban living room" series modeling, combined into a package with a warm, stylish, attractive family package, named "I love my home", a group called the impression of the city, a group called the impression of living room, a group called footprints of love, selling 20,000 yuan a no problem. Next door shop proprietress is 7800 yuan / set Hanposangzai useless, a child will pull my mother to buy your "I love my family" family. This is the value of the portfolio of innovation. Sell ​​fifth law: Buy value product extensions, sold 25,000 yuan / sets absolutely If you suddenly find the sofa material turned out to be: a full one hundred percent copper, imported Spanish marble imported, then I can help you dig out of its fashion, noble, elegant, personality, and there is value to the collection, sold 25,000 yuan / sets absolutely . This time next door boss embarrassed estimated 7800 yuan / sets, because who does not believe 7800 yuan / sofa sets have collectible value, which is an extension of the value of innovative products. Sell ​​sixth law: Buy value product segments, selling more than 30,000 yuan / set is not can not If you have a sofa that your collectible "clouds" or "Dragon" ,, called "good luck" or "hustle and bustle" over the dragon or for married couples, selling more than 30,000 yuan / sets, definitely let the other party to buy a birthday gift and what a headache they xiaonianqing after paying the money back and did not forget to say "thank you", which is the breakdown of the market value of innovative products. Sell ​​seventh law: Buy value product packaging, selling 39,888 yuan / sets may sell more fire If the sofa made of three different packagings: one affordable device (living room + dining), 29,888 yuan / set; second is beautifully installed (living room + dining + bedroom), sold 39,888 yuan / set; third is luxury means (bedroom + living room + dining + + hallway entrance), sold 49,888 yuan / sets. To be sure, the last is certainly not the hottest selling 29,888 yuan / sets of affordable equipment, but 39,888 yuan / sets beautifully mounted, this is the value of the product packaging innovation. Eighth Sell method: selling products commemorative value, do not sell 58,000 yuan / set unless Naozijinshui If this sofa is also being used by celebrities, has been used in any well-known place it, this sofa, do not sell 58,000 yuan / set unless head is filled, this is the commemorative value product innovation. Decoding marketing practices: 1, consumers in the purchase of products, in addition to the use value of the product itself, the more is to buy a feeling, culture, expectations, face, circle, dignity, respect, understanding, and so the status of symbolic significance. 2, the same set of sofa, the sofa in the world - its function, structure, the role remains the same, but with the sofa outside world changes, but its value is constantly changing. 3, the same sofa, using different value innovation strategy, marketing will produce different results, if the meaning of Shen Wu planning, you will plunge into the "couch inside world" and get out of it? In a nutshell, marketing is not impossible, just think.

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